Benson Malcolm was born on September 23rd, 3033 and is 22 during the first installment of the "Alliance" Franchise. He is one of the few members of the Alliance and has made many friends and enemies throughout the course of his career as a hero.

The Alliance: Empowering VILE

Benson Malcolm was in the attack of Toyko, Japan as a citizen in peril. His wife, Karen Malcolm, was murdered by one of the attacking mutants and he was sheltered under a car until he was picked up by ambulance a day later.

He awoke in a hospital and was interrogated by two agents. Benson made a deal with them to discuss the things he saw in Tokyo, but only if he would join the alliance they speak of.

Benson soon become an expert with a katana by his mentor Carol Wilson, a member of the Alliance. After 6 months of training, he and the Alliance investigated the ruins of Tokyo. Finding the corpse of his dead wife, Benson grew angry and viciously murdered a mutant who accidentally ran into them.

Being forced to head back to the jet, Benson encountered Vile and fought the A.I. Until Vile pinned him down and was about to stab him when his team saved him.

Benson was nearly fired from the team since he was no longer needed but was soon a member again when Benji Harley was kidnapped and he took a helicopter with Michael Curtis to the mutant's secret base in Alaska.

While fighting the portal mutant in Alaska, Benson and the mutant were flung off the edge of the base and landed in the snow. The mutant was defeated, but now Benson was stuck.

The Alliance: Gridlock

After using the helicopter the team left behind in Alaska, Benson flew back to Miami, but crash landed in Georgia after realizing Vile snuck onto his helicopter. On a quiet muddy field, Benson fights Vile, the two using swords. The top of Benson's uniform is completely torn off, leaving him in a pair of pants and one boot. Vile's blade cuts Benson all over multiple times, leaving him in scars. Finally, Benson destroys Vile, killing him for good.

During the final battle, Benson rejoins the others and helps take down Gridlock. Benson's role in this installment is very mild compared to "Empowering VILE".

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